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Mentorship Invitation 2016

As a professional artist for over thirteen years, I have benefited so much from the informal mentors in my life. That said, as a queer artist of colour, I have also struggled with the lack of role models or access to elders, which has often made for a lonely journey.

In an effort to create more intergenerational dialogue and supports, I am offering a six-month, arts-based, one-on-one mentorship program to artists of colour under the age of 25 seeking support with a specific project.

The details of this mentorship are worked out between us and will largely depend on your project, but could look like the following:

The program is wide open and we can tailor it to your needs!

Please note that while I live in Toronto, this program is not limited to Torontonians. If you do live in Toronto, we will have the benefit of meeting in person (if you like); but if you don’t, we will find ways to work together via email, phone and/or Skype.

The selection process will largely be based on how well I feel I can support your work on your proposed project. Also, while this initiative is new and therefore a bit of a trial, my hope is that this program will continue and renew with a fresh mentorship opportunity every six months.

Look forward to working with you!